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Sonance: Sound as Body, Sound as Architecture

The Village 1(small).jpg




Edmund N. Bacon defined Architectural form in his work 'The Design of Cities' by saying that there is a point of contact between mass and space. Architectural forms, textures, materials, and modulations of light and color all combine to inject a quality or spirit that articulates space. The interaction between all of these elements has been a continuous area of exploration in architecture.

Sound has a similar defining link to form in its cause and existence. In particular, different qualities of sound are defined by the shape of sound waves and vibrations. Resonance and other setting parameters participate in mastering the design of objects to produce a sound, like in the making of musical instruments.

Form is then a unique element that directly influences - in a significant manner - both sound and architecture. A form that sets a quality of sound may also determine the quality of its space. That major contribution of form has permeated my art practice, becoming an ever-greater defining element of my work. 

As a painter, I use materials and textures to translate my artistic language further. Materiality and texture are evolving now into full forms: real physical bodies with specific objectives and functions. While form often includes a sense of three-dimensional mass or volume, shape refers more specifically to the essential aspect of form that governs its appearance and the configuration or relative disposition. Shape, then, becomes a defining link between the body and a function and a powerful additional painting material.

The integration of these concepts in my artwork is not random; it's fully functional. It follows the rules of the form set with one intention, like in sound, being determined by modulations, like in architecture, being created to harmonize all the elements of a work of art.

I was able to finalise this exhibition thanks to the help of very special people and in particular thanks to Mahinder Singh Kisane who helped me hugely with all the preparation, design and printing work.

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