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New Works 2022

In 2022 I continued using a medium that I learned to love. Pure oil paint on canvas. Nothing is more simple yet rich and complex. I decided to explore all the emotions that I was feeling just by learning from what was happening around me, the people closest to me, and also far beyond that. In a world where nothing seems impossible, people still show more interest in hate than in love and see what makes us different than equal. My work in 2022 reflects that decision to focus on love.
I started to use Synesthesia as a tool to create my paintings. Synesthesia is a condition where stimulation of one sense leads to involuntary experiences in a second sense—for example, hearing a sound might cause you to see colors. In my case is my passion for music and visual arts, nothing new, something used by great masters in the past but that I learned to use in my way. Every time I listen to music, I see colors, sometimes shapes, sometimes people. And those colors are not only what we know as light wave frequencies but also emotions.
My work in 2022 is about creating intimate paintings. Where Synesthesia is more like a guide than a rule. Where the colors are emotions and the shapes are feelings. Where the people in the paintings are not just what they look like but what they make me feel. I want to create paintings that show what we have in common instead of what makes us different, which we can all identify with, no matter our social status or where we come from.
So Synesthesia, colors, emotions, and music are my tools to achieve that goal. And I hope that in this work, you will see the results of that exploration.

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