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“Forniés uses stylistic conventions, the formation of the image and the status of a painting as a means to base the implementation of the subject on the painted surface. This subject manipulation, which he uses with unquestionable domain, serves as a counterpoint to the silence of landscapes where nothing happens. Only the tree anchored in its condition of permanent object enhances his loneliness and reminds the viewer about the greatness and at the same time the mystery of the painting”.

Felipe Vicente Garín Llombart- Professor of Art History. General Director of the Consortium of Museums of the Community of Valencia (Spain). Former Director Museum El Prado (Madrid, Spain), 2013

“To my mind, there is frequently a kind of barbaric gorgeousness about this work that I find extremely seductive. Look at the density and complexity of workmanship in every picture, the play of light on surface, the interweaving of different colours and textures, one laid upon the other in ever-more elaborate variations.”

Robert O’Byrne, fine art critic and author. Extract from his speech at the opening of Espacios, Nov 21st 2012

“When Rosemarie Mulcahy suggested I open Jordi Forniés‘ last exhibition in this gallery in 2011 because she knew I would be enchanted by the colour, texture and symbolism of his work, she introduced me to the hitherto unknown world of an artist she compared to “the alchemists of old whose chief pursuit was the transformation of base metals into gold and the elixir of life”…”.

Dr. Nicola Gordon Bowe, Associate Fellow, Faculty of Visual Culture, NCAD - October 2012 (Extract from the introduction of the Espacios catalogue)

“...Jordi has an extraordinary ability to make images that arrest us, stop us in our tracks - his mastery of colour is an important part of their impact. And as we approach them we are captivated by the worlds that each canvas contains: the varied textures and details, the pictures within pictures.”

Dr. Rosemarie Mulcahy (HRHA), July 2009

”It is partly his background as a chemist that gives Forniés‘s work its distinctive depth, texture and colour”.

Cathy Dillon, Mixing media into metaphor, The Irish Times, September 2008

”Forniés paintings are the catalysts for memories, dreams, and hopes”.

Stephanie Nikolopoulos, Art writer, New York - July 2008

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Jordi “has created art with a unique artistic language that uses his clear understanding of materials and their textures to explore their correlation with sound, and hence with form in its cause and existence.”


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Han Sungpil - Light surveyors- Jan 2017 - The Abbey of Saint-Riquier, France
Yan Preston Photographic Exhibition ‘Mother River’ - 9 May - Venice Biennale, 15 May - 5 Jun Three Gorges Museum, Chongqing (China), 19 Jun - 12 July Wuhan Art Museum (China), 9 Sep - (Closing date to be confirmed): Shanghai Aurora Museum (China), 2015
Aletsch - At Glaciers’ End - A Film in the making by Caroline Fink. 2015.

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