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LOUDLY QUIET - New Works 2020

As an artist, I am focused on research. In the empirical world of science research is crucial to understanding, creating, and sharing your life’s work— art follows that same path, albeit with the subjective.


People live in that subjective, and our experiences, emotions, passions, and thrills are measured by stories. Artists research stories, and work to find the mediums that express and relate to themselves best.


Mixing these forms of expression is my passion. I work in sculpture (bronze and brass), painting (oil), in addition to music composition. My focus, or process, is ultimately the inspiration behind my body of work, and that is how I feel about the interaction between my inner and outer worlds as I journey through a multitude of experiences.


My process is both very intimate and fed by the stories I experience and share from the world around me. It culminates observations, interactions, and is part of what spurs continued learning and travel to people and cultures unknown.


I believe artwork is unique to how an artist observes and embraces the world around them. Through that lens, the viewer can experience a glimpse of how I interpret things. In addition to visual and music arts, my own formal study also includes chemistry, which has a profound impact on my artwork.


The interaction of varying materials on canvas on a chemical level fueled years of my career. During which I explored the effects and reactions of pigments and some incompatible materials like oil and water-based products by forcing emulsions with detergents.


Embracing imperfection, working non-methodically, and staying away from too many popular conventions on technique and established 'how to practice'. I find synergy between shapes and the materials being used, and the curiosity of the natural world manipulated by the brush or the hand is at the core of my discovery.


When I am actively making a piece of art, it is consuming. There’s a relationship there that carries weight and fulfills an emotional need. The time is therapeutic while it lasts, and once a piece stops holding that special place I know it’s complete and ready to move on.


The coronavirus and subsequent affect on the global community restricted me to the studio. This year has been limited in terms of new stories from the outside world, and I’ve pushed to greater understand my inner world— the resulting artwork is a new chapter.


‘Loudly Quiet’ is my response to a year locked down. Life has been tumultuous, but also very quiet in the studio, absent of interaction, and devoid of the substance that previously fulfilled a need. This new work is the result of self-manifestation.

Jordi Fornies

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I went back to using oil over linen canvas exploring colour interaction and shape. Storytelling continues being the objective of my work, from the experience of capturing the stories, to interpret them with my palette knives and brushes to sharing them. The curiosity of the natural world manipulated by the brush or the hand is at the core of my discovery.

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'Loudly Quiet' allowed me to continue exploring shapes inspired by traditional tools and instruments. The use of raw brass with wax is intentional as brass is considered a great metal to conduct sound and the one used building many instruments. The series are all named 'Personajes' or 'Characters' as I have been exploring the possibility to transform these shapes and tools and bring them closer to what we can identify as a creature.

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